Eyebrow Trends 2022 for Winter

Eyebrow Trends 2022 for Winter

09 December 2022


Want to make a high-impact change to your look this winter? Do something different and try one of the fashionable eyebrow trends for 2022. Switching up your brows–whether it’s a new shape, a new style, or even a new color–can transform your appearance.  



New Eyebrow Trends

Scroll through TikTok tutorials, a celebrity’s Instagram, or photos from the latest runway shows, and you’ll see there’s something for everyone when it comes to eyebrow trends. Enhance what nature gave you, or go for a daring transformation–it’s all about experimenting with new looks this season.

Natural Brows

Think of this trend as your brows, only better. It’s working with what you have and making your brows look flawless–without brow stamping, adding dramatic arches, or similar techniques. If your brows are on the thinner side, you can subtly fill in with a pencil or gel, but be sure to blend thoroughly to achieve that natural look. Otherwise, you can groom your brows with a quick swipe of a spoolie brush and, if you prefer, set them with a clear gel to keep them in place and add a little definition.

Fluffy Brows

This winter trend for brows takes the natural look and elevates it with more fullness and a bit of shine. Brush brow hair upward to fluff, arch, and define, and fill in any gaps with the product of your choice, using short, fine strokes to match the appearance of eyebrow hair. 

Brow gels add texture and a bit of glossy sheen. Dabbing a bit of concealer under the brow arch is an optional step that helps highlight your newly fluffed brows.


Bleached Brows

Bleached brows seem to be everywhere this season, from red carpets to Paris fashion shows. This is one of those eyebrow trends that isn’t for the faint of heart–it’s a high-fashion look that dramatically alters your appearance — particularly if your natural brows are dark. While you can bleach brows at home, this work is best left to a professional (for precision and safety). 

If you’re unsure about a bleached brow, you can still get the eyebrows of 2022 by faking it with makeup; concealer and blonde or transparent brow powder are your go-to products.

Eyebrow Transplants

Another new eyebrow trend inspired by the rich and famous, transplants use your own hair (like from the back of the neck) and plug individual strands into specific points on your brows. The cost of an eyebrow transplant is in the four figures (often starting around $3,000), and it’s not guaranteed the transplanted hair follicles will take. If the procedure is successful, it can take months for the transplant to deliver results. Look for an experienced surgeon who can explain the transplant process and outline the potential side effects and risks.

Straight Brows

Eyebrows in 2022 aren’t just classically arched; the straight brow is in this season. With this style, eyebrows are as straight as possible. Any arch you have is subtle; instead, there’s only slight lift at the end of your brows.

Colored Brows

For a truly eye-catching look, dye your brows any color of the rainbow. The possibilities are endless, from fuchsia to lime to turquoise. You don’t have to limit yourself to one color, as ombre effects are a cutting-edge take on this eyebrow trend. Unlike bleaching, the coloring process is simple–use colored mascara, eyeshadow, or liquid eyeliners and apply as you would with any brow color.




Past Eyebrow Trends That Are Still Current


Not all eyebrow trends for 2022 are new. Here are some recent trends that are still going strong this winter.

Brow Lamination

This beauty treatment helps brows look more lifted and fluffed. A chemical is applied to brows so the hairs can be brushed vertically and reshaped for more volume and clean lines. This wake-up-and-go style typically lasts a couple of months before you would need to re-laminate. (However, some beauty experts warn that too many lamination treatments may harm brow hair.)

Feathered Brows

Brow feathering adds color to thinner parts of the eyebrow by applying it in quick, tiny strokes so it looks like real brow hair. This can be done professionally, in a process similar to microblading, giving you semi-permanent color. There are also plenty of at-home options to choose from with special brow feathering pens or pencils, but the effects only last a day or two.



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