Why Your Lash Serum Should Be Prostaglandin Free

Why Your Lash Serum Should Be Prostaglandin Free

15 March 2024


On the hunt for a new lash serum? Lash serums are great to have on hand to help enhance the natural look of your lashes. Consistent use can help reduce breakage and help you achieve fuller, healthier lashes. 


While exploring the different options available online, you may notice that some products contain an ingredient called prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are naturally occurring in the body. However, there are potential side effects of using lash serums with prostaglandins, many of which can cause long-lasting irritation and inflammation. 


In this article, we'll explore the potential side effects of skincare products containing prostaglandins and why you should switch to a prostaglandin-free eyelash serum. 


Here's everything you need to know:



The Quick Answer

Prostaglandins are a group of lipids with hormone-like effects. High levels of prostaglandin in the body can lead to inflammation and redness. Using an eyelash serum that contains prostaglandin can cause unwanted swelling and redness around the eyes. We recommend switching to a clean, prostaglandin-free eyelash serum to protect the delicate skin around your eye and avoid irritation.



What Is Prostaglandin and Why Is It a Bad Thing for Skincare?

Prostaglandin is a group of lipids naturally found in the body. They help regulate normal bodily processes like blood clots, blood flow, healing, and inflammation. Many different types of prostaglandins are found in the body, and all have hormone-like properties.


For the most part, prostaglandins aren't actually bad for you. This group of lipids naturally occurs and is necessary for everyday bodily processes and function. However, prostaglandins can impact how your body responds to pain. So, when there is an excessive amount of prostaglandins, it can lead to inflammation, chronic pain, and sensitivities. 


The same complications and side effects can occur when you use skincare products formulated with prostaglandins. Even if there are low concentrations in the formula, prostaglandins can still lead to unwanted irritation and side effects if you aren't careful. This is especially true for individuals with self-perceived sensitive skin. 


Even if you may see prostaglandins in skincare products, the use of it in dermatology is still experimental. 



Side-effects of Prostaglandin Usage to Look Out For

If you decide to try a lash serum with prostaglandin in the formula, there are a few side effects you'll want to look out for. 


The most common side effects of prostaglandins lash serums include:


●       Inflammation and irritation

●       Itchy or dry eyes

●       Swelling or fat atrophy 

●       Darkness across the eyes

●       Swollen eyelids 

●       Redness


The skin around your eyes is already fragile and delicate. If you currently use a prostaglandin lash serum, consistent use can cause excessive irritation around your eyes. All of these side effects can have a damaging impact on your skin's integrity. If you notice any of these side effects,  stop using immediately and give your skin a break before switching to another formula. 



Is Augustinus Bader’s The Eyebrow and Lash Enhancing Serum Prostaglandin Free? 



Yes, The Eyebrow and Lash Enhancing Serum is prostaglandin-free. The formula is infused with high-potency botanicals and gentle and effective actives. The key ingredients include castor oil, biotin, red winter algae, and hyaluronic acid. All these ingredients are clinically tested and beneficial for your eyebrows and lashes. 


All Augustinus Bader products are also powered by TFC8® technology. TFC8® is an unparalleled complex that optimizes natural hair growth and follicle function. 


With our prostaglandin-free eyelash serum, you can strengthen the hair follicles of your lashes while promoting keratin production. Our formula is also designed to help lock in moisture and prevent damage from environmental aggressors. 



Augustinus Bader’s The Eyebrow and Lash Enhancing Serum is Prostaglandin-Free: How Does That Affect Results? 

Our formula is one of the best prostaglandin-free eyelash serums on the market and is backed by over 30 years of data and research. Not only are all the ingredients clean and tested, but we've also tested the formula in a series of clinical and user trials. 


Our 12-week trials included 60 men and women over 18, all with self-perceived sensitive skin and eyes. During the clinical trials, participants noticed their lash length increased by 34% and lash thickness increased by 40%. Participants also noticed that lashes and brows increased in hydration by 149%.


Our 12-week user trials are a Consumer Perception Study of 105 men and women over 18 with self-perceived sensitive skin and eyes. During our user trials, 96% of participants agreed that this product reduces lash and brow hair breakage. 100% of participants agree our prostaglandin-free eyelash serum also never irritates eyes or skin. Lastly, we asked how the product fit into their makeup and skincare routine. 94% of participants agree that this product reduces the need to wear mascara, and 98% agree that this product wears well under mascara and brow color. 


Participants in both the clinical and user trials also saw similar promising results with their eyebrows. Our serum is a two-in-one formula that can improve the length, thickness, and health of both eyelashes and brows. In fact, during our clinical trials, participants agreed that their lashes and brows looked 556% healthier.



Key Takeaways



Our prostaglandin-free eyelash serum features a clean, irritation-free formula that you can feel good about incorporating into your skincare routine. The formula is non-sticky, lightweight, and only features sustainably-sourced ingredients. It's designed for daily use and will deliver results you can feel good about in as quick as 12 weeks. 


This prostaglandin-free eyelash serum also doubles as an eyebrow-enhancing serum. It is a great go-to for your skincare routine, especially if you struggle with shedding, slow hair growth, or brittle brows and lashes. 


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