The Beauty Of Multigenerational Skincare

The Beauty Of Multigenerational Skincare

09 May 2021

Many of us owe our earliest encounters with skincare to our mothers. From watching Mom perform her daily rituals at the bathroom sink to playing with her products and sneaking dollops of her face cream, there are powerful memories associated with the beauty routines we observe as children, gazing up in adoration and curiosity at our ultimate role model.


The maternal figures in our lives are often the ones who show us the right way to cleanse, buy us our first skincare system, and remind us never to go to sleep without removing our makeup. These formative experiences -- and motherly wisdom -- set the tone for a lifelong relationship with our skin, and ongoing parent-child bonding in the form of beauty tips, product recommendations, and special self-care gifts. 


This year we are celebrating Mother’s Day by asking members of our Augustinus Bader team to tell us about their favorite multigenerational skincare moments, past, present and future. 


What's the best piece of skincare advice your mother has ever given you?


“My mum is a complete minimalist when it comes to skincare and beauty products. It is about having a few key products and keeping that routine consistent” - Hiu, Global Brand Manager


“Always take your makeup off before going to bed (no matter how late it is!) and always apply moisturizer” - Laura, Production & Merchandising Manager


“Use SPF50 daily and avoid the sun” - Dominique, PR Director


“Always take off all your makeup before sleep!” - Arielle, Director of Digital Marketing


"Moisturizing your face is important, but your hands and your neck are what will show your true age so don’t forget those areas as well!" - Emma, Social Media Manager


"Gently cleanse your skin, my mother always used a balm which was not ‘of the times’. She also said laugh, be kind and age gracefully. Beauty knows no age." - Louise, Trade Marketing Manager

What advice would you pass down to your child?


“I have suffered from eczema all my life, so skincare is a huge part of my everyday routine and getting it right can change everything. I have been using The Rich Cream for years and have since been completely free of eczema, my whole quality of life has changed. My advice would be to invest in products that work for them and that consistency is key! And of course to ALWAYS use a toner!!” - H


“Less is more, in a world where filters are becoming the ‘norm’ don’t lose sight of who you are and what you really look like, as that is always more beautiful than the filtered version (and smile in photos, no pouting please!)” - L


“Take care of your skin, it is your largest organ. Protect it from the sun, clean it once a day and give it moisture. My boys all use my AB Cream, but for my teenagers, I have let them try The Essence to decongest their skin.” - Louise


What Augustinus Bader product have you introduced to your mom?


“It has to be The Cream, since introducing her to the first lab samples she has never put this product down. She has oily to combination skin so my beloved The Rich Cream was not the right consistency for her, but she loves The Cream. It works well for her skin, she sees instant results and so many long term changes to her skin over the past 4 years - she won't use anything else” - H


“My mum is a full on fan of The Rich Cream, she was sceptical when I joined Augustinus Bader, but after giving her her first bottle, she’s a fan!!” -- L


“Our beautiful Face Oil It is perfect for her skin and gives it the most beautiful glow. ” - Louise  


Skincare can go beyond a daily regimen to become a bonding ritual -- a way of connecting, no matter where you are, and sharing the love. That is the deeper benefit of #TheCreamThatWorks for every mother and daughter, every parent and child. We’re so honored to be part of so many beautiful stories and new traditions.


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