The Benefits of Face Masks and When To Use Them

The Benefits of Face Masks and When To Use Them

24 March 2023


Face masks are a popular and worthwhile addition to any skincare routine. Available in many forms and formulations, face masks can rejuvenate dry, dull, or tired skin and deliver an extra dose of care when your skin needs it the most.

A face mask facial is often a soothing, spa-like experience, adept at reducing impurities, rehydrating dry skin, and supporting a radiant, healthy-looking complexion. A well-formulated face mask also offers significant incremental skincare benefits, which can lead to immediate visible results depending on your mask selection. 

Clears Pores

Clearer pores are one of the many benefits of face masks. The deep clean offered by clay masks can remove dead skin cells and oils, reduce the appearance of pores, and grace your skin with a clean, smooth look.


Face masks also provide a helpful hydration boost by protecting the skin's barrier, sealing in moisture, and soothing flaky, dehydrated skin. These benefits can be beneficial if you're prone to dry skin or live in a dry climate.

Reduce Fine Lines

If your skin shows signs of aging, face masks can help reduce the appearance of fine lines by rehydrating and plumping up the skin. Over time, this can smooth the complexion and revive your youthful appearance.

Even Skin Tone

A good face mask can also target hyper-pigmentation, which will help to balance the complexion, restore an even appearance, and improve skin tone.  

Firmer Skin

Face masks that support collagen production can minimize the look of loose skin and lessen the signs of aging, creating a firmer, tighter feel and a fresh, lustrous look.



When to Use a Face Mask in Your Skincare Routine



Instructions vary regarding when to use a face mask in your skincare routine, so before first use, check for information on the product packaging. Some face masks are more effective with overnight use, while others require only 15 minutes of facetime to be effective. Check the recommended frequency to confirm if the mask is gentle enough for weekly use or should remain an occasional treatment.

Face masks should be applied to clean, dry skin. The mask's ingredients absorb better when the skin is clear of bacteria, oil, and makeup, so cleansing first will ensure you get the most out of the product.



How to Choose the Right Face Mask



Do face masks work for all skin types? Every face mask is different – choosing one that aligns with your skin type is important, and the benefits you'll see depend on mask selection. 

Consider your skin health goals. If you're dealing with a specific skin problem, try a mask designed to target that issue, such as those designed for dry skin, acne, or redness. Similarly, if you have oily skin, pick a face mask with a lightweight consistency. Other formulas offer generalized benefits for your skin's overall well-being.

Your preferred method of application is another vital consideration. Sheet masks are easy to apply, perfect for on-the-go cleansing, and easily storable in the fridge for anti-inflammatory benefits. Cream-based masks offer a rich consistency that locks in hydration, and you can customize the application of cream and gel masks to target problem areas or avoid sensitive spots.

As with all skincare products, it's best to opt for high-quality ingredients and research-based formulas.



The Face Cream Mask by Augustinus Bader



Upgrade your skincare routine with The Face Cream Mask, featuring Augustinus Bader’s patented TFC8 technology – a product of 30 years of research -- creates adaptive skincare and guides ingredients to the skin for maximum absorption, improved complexion, and long-term skin health. 


Formulated with a creamy and quick-absorbing texture, The Face Cream Mask provides intense hydration, reduces water loss, and supports radiant, healthy-looking skin with nourishing Swiss Grape and Polysaccharide Complex. The results speak for themselves: in a recent user trial, 98% of participants noted that their skin felt firmer and intensely hydrated. 

Like all our products, The Face Cream Mask uses only clean, sustainably-sourced ingredients and will fit into any skincare routine. After cleansing, use the hypoallergenic Zamac applicator to apply the cream to your face in upward, sweeping motions. Let the product absorb into your skin for 8-10 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. You can also leave it on overnight for an extra helping of hydration.

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