The Cut: The 14 Best Beauty Products of 2019

The Cut: The 14 Best Beauty Products of 2019

19 December 2019

"The most-talked-about product of the year"

"Almost 365 days have passed on that word-of-the-day calendar you keep forgetting to flip, and in that time, we’ve tested nearly as many beauty products (it’s probably actually been more). We’ve tried many that we’ve loved, and some that we’ve hated (and not written about). In the spirit of internet year-end roundups, here are a special few that have stood out in our cluttered brains. Read on for the CBD products we think actually worked...

The Moisturizer That Might Give You “Rich-Person Skin” - Augustinus Bader Cream

This moisturizer is a hot topic among beauty editors. “I live by it,” one editor will begin to say, as another angrily interrupts, “I don’t get the hype and it’s so expensive!” It’s definitely the most-talked-about product of the year, and that includes all the times I’ve seen it mentioned on Instagram (sometimes, yes, by people who truly have “rich-person skin”). Like La Mer in the ’90s, it’s reached cult status after only a short amount of time - I often get asked, “Is that fancy moisturizer in that blue thing worth it?” In my opinion, it seems to work best on people with reparative skin-barrier conditions like eczema, rosacea, or even psoriasis."

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