The Original Copy: The OC Beauty Charts

The Original Copy: The OC Beauty Charts

23 February 2018

“Too blatant were the visible differences and changes in the complexion.”

Last week I was on a press conference at the Charles Hotel in Munich. Professor Augustinus Bader, director and professor at the Institute for Applied Stem Cell Biology and Cell Techniques of the University of Leipzig, was waiting for me in one of the rooms. Although I had previously read that he is being treated as a true innovator and icon in his field, but I was not so clear in what I'm getting into it. While I still thought at the beginning of the one-hour appointment, yes, yes, just a cream of a new Doctor Brand ', so I left the hotel after 60 minutes with my jaw dropped. An excerpt from the history of Professor Augustinus Bader:

"The first medical breakthrough for Professor Bader came in the form of the medical hydrogel Momentum Bionics®. The hydrogel technology enables treatment without skin grafting and scar tissue revision, minimizing opportunistic infections that can trigger a trauma cycle in young burn victims. The hydrogel was developed using the ABC method to promote healthy wound healing. In clinical use, the healing therapies of Professor Bader have achieved unprecedented results in the treatment of various diseases. Recognizing the potential of this breakthrough, Professor Bader created a brand to help drive innovation and enable life-changing treatments for people around the world. "

So in plain language: his discovery or his hydrogel enabled or allows healing processes that were previously not possible or had never been achieved. Unfortunately, I can only tell you what I saw there on the basis of before-and-after photos: amazing results. Regardless of whether it was burns or acne, the skin was completely healed in tact and without scars or ridges after the treatment. So it was only logical that Professor Augustinus Bader had to pack his discovery into a formula suitable for the beauty market. If he had already made a unique discovery, then please also accessible to all. And so Augustinus Bader now also offers 'non-injured' the opportunity Experience the formulas of his skin care brand inspired by his groundbreaking technology. His new line includes only two products:'The Cream' and 'The Rich Cream'. In his opinion, the skin does not need more. Both creams work the same way: they provide the skin with valuable active ingredients, support the body's natural renewal processes to soften the signs of aging and damaging environmental influences, and improve the appearance of the skin. Both crucibles manage to visibly reduce lines, wrinkles, age spots and redness. Only one consistency is easier, the other richer.

Behind this is a specially developed mode of action: the key to the transforming properties of both creams is TFC8®, the proprietary Trigger Factor Complex by Professor Bader. TFC8® contains natural amino acids, valuable vitamins and synthesized molecules that also occur in the skin. It infuses important nutrients and powerful natural ingredients into the skin cells, creating an optimal environment for the body's repair and renewal processes.

The pictures of a New York model who suffered from toxic acne, thus was incapacitated and Professor Augustinus Bader with his products healed in no time, then gave me the rest. If the doctor had not personally sitting in front of me, would have me through his ideas and performance and explained everything to me - I would not believe the story. Too blatant were the visible differences and changes in the complexion. Maybe he has found the Holy Grail of skin care, who knows. I have been testing for a week now, I am really pleased and hope to be able to provide you with a representative conclusion soon. Until then: goggle the good professor times, then you'll get a good impression of his work.

fyi: Ten percent of all profits from the sale of skin care products go to the Augustinus Bader Foundation to provide access to groundbreaking medical treatment for those in need. The founders of the Augustinus Bader Group have committed to providing the bulk of their annual dividends to fund biomedical research that will open new avenues in medicine and further unlock human healing potential.