When to Use a Face Oil in Your Skincare Routine

When to Use a Face Oil in Your Skincare Routine

11 January 2023


Silky smooth, wonderfully emollient, rich in skin-nourishing ingredients–there’s much to love about face oils.

If you’re looking for oils to use on your face, you’re not alone. It’s a popular category of skincare and for good reason. Face oils offer exceptional hydration, which is important for any skin type, and they also impart a dewy, natural-looking glow to your complexion. Face oils help your skin look and feel luscious.

There is a science behind selecting a face oil for your skin. Different oils have different properties. Argan oil, for instance, contains skin-supporting fatty acids, while Karanja oil has antimicrobial properties, and sunflower seed oil is a good source of vitamin E, a powerhouse antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Face oils in skincare are renowned for their ability to seal in moisture to support a high-functioning water barrier, which promotes supple skin that’s better protected from environmental damage.

But there’s also an art to how you should incorporate it into your daily regimen. Knowing what types of oil you should look for, when to use face oil in a skincare routine, and how to properly apply it will help you reap the benefits of this multifaceted product.




The Benefits of Using Luxury Oil in Skincare for Your Face


A luxurious, top-quality oil, such as The Face Oil, is good for every skin type. Some products feature one primary oil, while others are a blend of several different oil types. When choosing an oil to use on your face, check the label to ensure there are minimal extra ingredients and avoid any products with fragrance or other potential skin irritants.

Here are some of the benefits face oils offer specific skin types:

Aging Skin

The signs of aging get more pronounced as we grow older–collagen production slows down, years of sun damage may start to surface in the form of dark spots or fine lines, and our complexion begins to lose a bit of its natural bounce.

Face oils reduce the appearance of lines and hyperpigmentation, while their restorative qualities support a firmer, more supple complexion. As face oil is absorbed into the skin’s moisture barrier, your complexion looks plumper and smoother for a more youthful appearance. Oils are wonderfully nourishing for mature skin. 

Dry Skin

Face oils are an ideal match for dry skin, which can suffer from flakiness, redness, roughness, or even chapping if you live in a cold climate. Oils can soothe dry skin types and the sensitivity that often accompanies them. Because they lock in moisture, face oils support the skin barrier and help prevent transepidermal water loss that can further dry your complexion. 

Any face oil is inherently moisturizing for dry skin, but if you also have sensitivity, try sunflower seed or jojoba oil to calm and reduce the appearance of inflammation.

Oily Skin

It may seem counterintuitive, but face oil actually benefits oilier skin types, too. When the skin barrier is dry you produce more oil, or sebum, to compensate, and this can clog your pores. Face oil keeps the skin barrier moisturized, so it has a balancing effect that prevents excess oil production. Plus, you’re also preventing transepidermal water loss when you use a face oil.




Combine Face Oils with Serums and Moisturizers


You can use The Face Oil on its own, but you also won’t oversaturate your skin if you use it with other skincare products, too. Pairing the oil with a serum or moisturizer, for instance, can have complementary effects. 

The Serum, for instance, has a lightweight texture, making it a good base layer for a face oil. Serums also have a different function, because their formulations target specific skincare concerns. For instance, you may have a serum that addresses acne, so you’ll want the hydration that comes from a face oil.

Moisturizers also work well with face oil to enhance hydration, which is important for dry or mature skin, or as part of your cold weather skincare routine to protect skin from the elements. 

Layer them on or combine them together, or just dab on a bit of face oil in areas that need special attention. Our face moisturizers work harmoniously with The Face Oil; for a truly luxurious experience, match The Ultimate Soothing Cream and The Face Oil for unmatched skin support.



Augustinus Bader The Face Oil


The Face Oil represents an evolution in advanced skincare. It contains popular oils such as argan, jojoba, and sunflower seed, as well as cutting-edge botanicals such as babassu, hazelnut, and Karanja oil. Like our other facecare products, The Face Oil is powered by our patented TFC8® technology that supports skin renewal over the long term. 

In user trials, 99% of participants said their skin was glowing and felt instantly hydrated with The Face Oil, while 98% said it calmed redness and 97% said their complexion looked and felt smoother.

Formulated for all skin types, The Face Oil:

Diminishes the look of lines, dark spots, and other signs of aging
Nourishes to improve the appearance of your complexion’s tone and texture
Adds a radiant look to your skin
Strengthens and supports the skin barrier so your complexion looks healthier and more youthful
Protects skin from environmental stressors that can age skin prematurely

How to Use The Face Oil

There are several options for using The Face Oil in your daily routine. Always remember to be judicious and only use two to three drops–a little oil goes a long way:


  • Use alone in place of your regular moisturizer, gently patting the oil into your skin.
  • Apply your moisturizer, then dab The Face Oil on top as a skin primer for makeup.
  • Add the drops of The Face Oil directly to your moisturizer and then blend together in the palm of your hand before smoothing over your face.
  • Apply your preferred makeup, such as tinted sunscreen or foundation, then dot The Face Oil where needed for a subtle highlighting effect.
  • Use during a face massage to gently stroke the skin without tugging.



See how The Face Oil can transform the appearance of your complexion. Purchase one of our game-changing formulas in skincare, supplements, and haircare.