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Diane Kruger & Pati Dubroff

"Immediately after 10 days or so I started seeing a significant improvement in my overall skin appearance"

Following the launch of our recent campaign fronted by Diane Kruger, we caught up with the award-winning actress together with celebrity editorial makeup artist, Pati Dubroff, to talk skincare routines, body confidence and a holistic approach to beauty.

Travelling the world, shooting on location and regularly sitting in the makeup artist’s chair, Diane knows the challenges her skin faces.

“It’s hard when you travel so much. I’ve been looking for a long time to find a cream for different weather conditions … and this is great under makeup.”

It was a friend who initially introduced Diane to Augustinus Bader, and after trying the cream for ten days, she quickly realised its transformative properties, not only in the appearance but also the quality of her skin.

“Immediately after 10 days or so I started seeing a significant improvement in my overall skin appearance. My skin felt really moisturised from the inside, it felt plump. When I look in the mirror I see my skin again. My natural glow, I guess, that I was used to, has come back.”

As one of the most respected makeup artists, Pati Dubroff understands skin. Her editorial work has featured in American Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour, and always established Pati as a trusted industry expert.

Pati has been using the Rich Cream and has seen some incredible results.

“For me, the most incredible thing I’ve noticed is that the elasticity is back. As we age, we lose elasticity… to have that bounce back is what giving a youthful feeling to the skin, a fullness.”

As a makeup artist who travels the world on a regular basis, Pati needs a cream that replenishes her skin and keeps it supple and fresh.

“I keep a bottle right next to me on the airplane and I keep applying.”

Pati also shares some of her expert application tips.

“I like the Rich Cream the most, I keep it on the outer portion of the face, and the neck… if someone is dry in the centre, I’ll put a little bit of the lighter one but the Rich Cream is my go-to”

This is the cream that works for Diane Kruger and Pati Dubroff.

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Diane Kruger and Pati Dubroff shot by photographer Lucian Bor

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