Evening Standard: Annabel Rivkin lifts her ban on expensive skincare for Augustinus Bader's Rich Cream

"Immediately, my face felt hydrated and, over the weeks, post-summer pigmentation and texture has improved"

"For one week only, I suspend my general disapproval of incredibly expensive skincare.

Generally I would advise good, workable, affordable skincare and saving up to see someone who is a genius with needles, such as the fearsomely expensive and peerlessly talented Doctor Suha Kersh. But I feel it would be a dereliction of duty not to tell you about the cream that has Hollywood in a frenzy and every in-the-know beautista (is that a word? It is now) in London waxing lyrical. 

Introducing Augustinus Bader, the creams which hail from Germany; the by-product of ground-breaking research to help burns victims heal without scarring. It’s appallingly pricey. But since cracking open my bottle of The Rich Cream, I have ditched toner, concealer and primer because my skin is behaving itself beautifully. For bloody once.

The patented formula is called TFC8 (Trigger Factor Complex); a blend of amino acids, high-grade vitamin complexes and synthesised molecules naturally occurring in skin. This is stem cell technology, harnessed to encourage skin to repair and renew itself. Added to the concoction is seed oil rich in fatty acids — to soothe but also to clarify, so although the cream is ‘rich’ it never clogs.

Starting at £65 for the smallest bottle, it has a curious texture (creamy, but melts to watery as it makes contact with the skin) and an odd but not unpleasant scent. Immediately, my face felt hydrated and, over the weeks, post-summer pigmentation and texture has improved. I wish it were a fiver. Huge apologies."

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