Marie Claire: Stop everything: This product sorted out my cellulite

"I used this cream on repeat morning and night for a whole month and I promise you the change to my thighs was incredible"

I am obsessed with Augustinus Bader products. Which is saying a lot as there were currently only two in existence – The Cream and The Rich Cream. Until now. 

Now there’s a third product – The Body Cream. And it is just as glorious, and more importantly efficacious, as his previous creations. And now the focus is on the body…

If you missed the phenomenal buzz around the creams last year, it was something to behold. The brand, at under a year old, took the market by a storm. The cream was heralded by make-up artists, celebrities and beauty editors across the globe as a game-changing product. What set it apart? The science. Augustinus Bader is a Director and Professor of Applied Stem Cell Biology and Cell Technology who specialises in burns research. He found that much of his findings on the treatment of burns could be transferred to the treatment of skin concerns. And the rest, as they say, is history. People, including myself, were shocked by how good the results were. The brand saw such success earlier this year that it was recently revealed by the Business of Fashion as the most googled name in skincare.

Whilst I am totally aware that £130 is a huge amount to ask anyone to pay for a body cream, much like his skincare, there is good reason behind the steep price. Bader has created something called the Trigger Factor Complex (TFC8®) which he includes in all of his products. This active ingredient creates the optimal environment in skin for regeneration. Basically, it kick starts your skin cell renewal process.

There are clinical trials on the way, but an initial small study revealed that 92% people said that their cellulite had been reduced after 28 days of use; 90% said their stretch marks had improved, whilst a whopping 98% said that the texture of their skin has been transformed.

I conducted my own trial – OK there were no scientists there to verify the results, but the mirror never lies does it?!

I have cellulite – there’s no point denying. It’s there. I’m not keen on the way it looks, in fact getting me into a swimsuit take a lot of persuasion. However, I only have myself to blame. Do I exercise? Of course I bloody don’t – I hate being out of breath. Do I eat a cracking diet, staying away from sugars and salt? Nope. In fact that’s pretty much all I look for in a meal or snack. So yeah, I have quite a bit of cellulite.

I used this cream on repeat morning and night for a whole month and I promise you the change to my thighs was incredible. My skin looked healthier – it is a rich, luxurious cream so it’s inevitable that the shea butter and candeia oil will help improve the appearance of skin. But I also noticed that the lumps and bumps at the bag of my legs were less pronounced.

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