The Cut: Women Test Out Victoria Beckham’s New Moisturizer

 "The same velvety, balmy touch as the original, making my skin feel like it is being shrouded in cashmere." 

Last year marked the rise of the little expensive cream that could: Augustinus Bader, a moisturizer so popular and luxe that we wondered if it was the secret to rich-person skin. It came out of nowhere and quickly ascended to La Mer–like status, with celebrities and their makeup artists, hairstylist, and aestheticians describing it as “unforgettable” and saying they’re “obsessed.”

Victoria Beckham loved the cream so much that she partnered with the brand to create an exclusive, priming moisturizer. The VB x AB Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer contains a similar blend of ingredients to the original Bader and is also slightly more affordable ($95 for 30 ml, as opposed to $265 for 50 ml). The Cut gave it to several people to see if it truly does give you skin like Posh Spice. 

Erica Smith, Beauty Writer

"This cream made my face feel freakishly soft all day long. I kept going back to tap it, double-checking that it was still pillowy as the day wore on (it was). It gave me the subtle, healthy looking glow of someone who doesn’t have much to worry about. The packaging is just as posh as you’d hope, and the sleek shape makes you feel like you’re holding a ginormous expensive mascara, which is satisfying for some reason. The texture of the primer itself feels very luxurious, instantly melting into your skin, and a little goes a long way, which is nice considering this price."


 Daise Bedolla, Social Media Editor

"AB x VB feels incredibly light and I only need two pumps to cover my entire face, keeping it hydrated throughout the day. Without makeup, and with nothing but Eve Lom Radiance Face Oil on top of the cream, my skin has a slight bounce to it, no signs of dryness, and none of that waxy feeling I’ve gotten with other priming-moisturizing hybrids."

Kathleen Hou, Beauty Director

 "The VB x AB cream has the same velvety, balmy touch as the original, making my skin feel like it is being shrouded in cashmere." 

Anna Silman, Culture Writer

"The moisturizer itself was incredibly light and silky soft to the touch, with consistency somewhere between a cream and a primer."

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