Atelier Dore: The Science of Skincare

Atelier Dore: The Science of Skincare

18 October 2018

“One of the most unique (and scientifically backed) creams on the market”

To celebrate the launch of our 27 Day Campaign, Atelier Dore have featured our creams in a beautiful editorial highlighting the innovative science behind our skincare through a Q&A with our founder, Professor Bader. Together they discuss Professor Bader’s inspiration and scientific research behind our brand.

“When a new skin care cream comes on the market, I’m always dubious. What makes this cream different than (what seems like) the million of other creams that one can buy? My first question is always, what differentiates this cream from the others?

Well, Augustinus Bader is probably one of the most unique (and scientifically backed) creams on the market. Professor Augustinus Bader of Leipzig University developed the cream after he discovered a breakthrough medical treatment that initiates the body’s innate regenerate processes. It uses technology that works with the body’s own stem cells, stimulating them to regenerate to the correct, healed tissue that is intended for them.

There are so many parts of my skin I would love to regenerate, starting with my face and it’s discoloration and scars. Read on to hear more from Professor Augustinus Bader, the science behind their two products, The Cream and The Rich Cream, and their commitment to giving back.

In the meantime, you can find me bathing in The Cream for the next 27 days, that’s the magic number, the number of days it takes to complete the cycle of regeneration. The countdown is on!”

Read the full article and interview with Professor Bader here.