Decoding Aging Skin

User trials revealed 79% of people agreed their skin looked firmer after 28 days.

While aging is a fact of life, at Augustinus Bader we have developed the technology to help slow down the skin’s aging process: by increasing cell turnover, supporting natural collagen production and replenishing vital nutrients, skin will start to look like its younger self again. Augustinus Bader’s The Rich Cream was created specifically to do just that.

Skin is the largest organ of the human body and a physical barrier to the external elements. It’s not only subjected to the internal aging process but to external stressors, leading to an effect on its youthful appearance. The key to helping slow down this process is keeping the skin in optimal health.

Your skin, like all organs, has its own stem cell pool, which simply means that aging cells are replaced with brand new ones. As you age, the cell renewal process becomes less effective and skin starts to appear older, drier and less light-reflective or bright.

The Rich Cream helps aging skin create its own peptides rather than relying solely on exogenous ones. This helps to increase its volume and maintain that youthful-looking plumpness. The technology in The Rich Cream also helps to maintain the health of the cells themselves by protecting the cellular DNA from any damage meaning your skin’s aging process is slowed down significantly.

 Journalist and author Elizabeth Day who has been using The Cream says: “my skin is grateful for the nourishment and the moisture… it’s rich but also light to the touch so feels like it goes into your skin very, very quickly… and I have noticed a change”

*User trials revealed 79% of people agreed their skin looked firmer  after using The Rich Cream for 28 days.


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