Decoding Dry Skin

As part of our Decoding Skin series, we're demystifying common skin concerns and types, and sharing with you the science behind our skincare to explain exactly how our creams work.

Moisturizing dry complexions can feel endless because they need much more hydration than other skin types. At Augustinus Bader we’ve created The Rich Cream which uses nutrient-packed argan oil, avocado oil, and essential anti-oxidants to help repair dry skin at more than just surface hydration.

The top layer of the skin loses water throughout the day, and when your skin doesn’t retain enough moisture it can become dry, flaky or cracked. There are other factors that affect the severity of dry skin, such as climate (temperature plus air conditioning or heating), environment (exposure to pollutants) lifestyle (our diets) and internal factors such as hormonal imbalances. When skin becomes extremely dry, it can exacerbate symptoms of eczema or psoriasis – particularly in cooler climates which draw moisture away from the skin. Those with dry skin often find themselves re-applying creams throughout the day, finding that it has a typical lackluster appearance because of a slower cellular turnover.

Though dry skin can appear dull and feel rough, The Rich Cream treats it by replenishing lost lipids to promote healthy-looking skin. Containing Professor Bader’s proprietary Trigger Factor Complex, all skin types associated with dry skin see a visible difference from the first use.

User trials revealed 83% agreed skin felt instantly and deeply hydrated, and 94% agreed dry skin appeared brighter.

Journalist Elizabeth Day has tried everything for her dry skin but recommends The Rich Cream: “My skin is grateful for the moisture. My skin tone is more even, and I felt soothed and moisturized - I wanted to put it all over my body as it feels like applying a layer of protection - like giving my dry skin a glass of cooling water.”

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