Clinical applications

Professor Bader's healing therapies in practice

Professor Bader works with a select group of medical experts to develop ways to apply his breakthrough regenerative therapies in clinical practice. Through a series of partnerships, pilot studies have achieved unprecedented results in the treatment of a range of conditions, demonstrating the ABC Method’s extensive healing potential.

Professor Hans-Günther Machens

Director of the Clinic and Polyclinic of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Professor Machens is a long time friend and collaborator of Professor Bader.

They worked together to first apply Professor Bader’s new regenerative therapy in a clinical setting in a pilot study at the burns centre in Lübeck, Germany. Patients achieved rapid, scar-free healing without skin grafts or other invasive treatments. Local doctors were astonished with the positive results, and the pair are now exploring further ways to apply Professor Bader’s therapy:

“We want to use the gel in thermal injuries, we want to use it in neurodermatitis, in all these entities that are difficult to treat.” Says Professor Machens. “It is something new, a different approach in medicine. Augustinus’s therapy is an awakening therapy for the body. He is a genius, and his technology is revolutionary.”

Dr Ingo Pfeil

Dr. Med. Vet. Ingo Pfeil is the owner and director of the Dresden Heath Veterinary Clinic and a member of the International and German Association for Osteosynthesis (AO) and the European Society of Veterinary Orthopedics and Traumatology (ESVOT).

Dr Thomas Bürger

Dr. Med. Thomas Bürger, M.Sc. Dermatologist, specialises in preventative and environmental medicine, allergology, medical aesthetics and anti-aging medicine at the Bel-Med Aesthetics Clinic in Hamburg.

His clinic has been a partner of the Augustinus Bader Clinic since 2015, applying Professor Bader’s Augustinus Bader-Wound Gel technology to treat skin cancer surgeries and cosmetic needling for scars and chronic wounds. Patients have experienced a 50 per cent acceleration in healing time, less infection and little-to-no scar formation. Dr Bürger considers it a breakthrough in the field of wound healing:

“It is the possibility to activate the stem cells which are present in the body without having to rely on a foreign donor and to make use of the enormous regeneration potential of these cells,” says Dr Bürger.

Pushing the frontiers of stem cell science

The Augustinus Bader Group is committed to supporting further medical research, and pushing the frontiers of stem cell science. Both the Group and Professor Bader himself are constantly exploring new ways to bring his healing therapies into clinical practice.

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